The ESCAPE database contains gene lists from: RNAi screens, protein lists from IP-MS pull-downs, genes differentially expressed after knock-down or over-expression, and target genes for transcription factors and histone modifications as determined by ChIP-seq. In this web-app users can query their own gene-lists for overlap with gene lists from the ESCAPE database. On the left, users can cut and paste lists of Entrez gene symbols and then press Submit to perform the enrichment analysis. In the middle, most of the lists from the ESCAPE database are visualized on a canvas. Each square represents a list. The color indicates the experiment type, and the brightness indicates the level of local similarity among the lists. We use simulated annealing to try to arrange the lists from the ESCAPE database by their gene content similarity. The enriched terms appear as circles on top of the colored squares representing the gene lists from the ESCAPE database on the canvas: the brighter the circle the more significant the overlap with the input list. The results are also available in a table with the associated p-values on the right.